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We’ve Got You Covered

#1At CSI, we provide you with a wide variety of Insurance products, the lowest prices and the Best Customer Service. Contact us today so we can find you the coverage you need for the lowest price possible.

No More Accounting Problems

#2As with many businesses, you are probably paying an excessive amount for your accounting. In addition to the excessive fees, does your accountant get your reports to you when you need them? We pickup and deliver every month, with a nominal fee. CSI has been a member of the “Independent Accountants Association of Michigan” since 1977.

Taxes Let Us Help

#3Income Tax Law changes every year. CSI has Tax Preparers attend continued education classes every year to keep up with the Tax Code Changes. In addition, the tax software we use offers access to Government Regulations through out the year. Individual and Business tax preparation can be confusing. CSI not only does your Tax Preparation, but also analysis your return to SAVE you money.

Estate & Retirement Planning

#4If you do not make your Estate plans, the state will make them for you. Many people have directly chosen Larry D. Stones for their Estate Planning needs. Not only should you have a plan for your Estate, but you also need to plan for your retirement. Planning for your Retirement is difficult today than it was prior to 1999. Before you decide to take this BIG STEP, take time to figure out the specifics. It can have a tremendous IMPACT on your LIFE STYLE that awaits you.

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Our Services


Personal Insurance
* Automobile
* Home
* Recreational Vehicles

Business Insurance
* General Liability
* Worker's Compensation
* Building and Contents
* Inland Marine
* Bonding


* Monthly Accounting
* Monthly Tax Filing
* Management Reports
* Financial Planning
* Customer Billing

* Payroll Checks Prepared
* W-2's Prepared
* Payroll Reports


* 1040 and all necessary schedules
* Sale of Property
* Repossession of Property
* Bankruptcy
* Rental Property

* Corporation 1120-1120S
* Partnership 1065
* Sole Proprietor-Schedule C
* Michigan Business Tax Return
* All end of the Year Reports

Estate & Retirement Planning

Top Five Retirement Decisions
1) When to retire?
2) When to claim Social Security?
3) Health Coverage?
4) How much Retirement Risk for your investments?
5) Taxes - or Tax Free Retirement?

Why Estate Planning?
1) Keep your Estate private
2) Protect you spouse
3) Reduce probate costs
4) Decide who you want to inherit assets
5) Reduce taxes